The Handshake…

Back in the day a good strong hand shake determined a man’s character. These days its a greeting between mates, or an introduction to new people.

“Formal Handshake”

Pictured above is your traditional hand shake, I use this when meeting people for the first time. I call it my formal handshake. You can get the odd dickhead who tries to squeeze the hell out of hands, I would naturally return the favor. Sometimes you’ll get morons who will turn your hand to position their hand on top, meaning their above you. This is when you salute them with the middle finger. The handsake can also cement peace between two countries. The handshake is a powerful tool and is a deal sealer.

Then you have your real fancy handshakes, which can be quite long and outrageous. Too long for me to recollect, I can barely remember to wear undies. I see alot of sports stars use these hand signals, which looks pretty cool for tv. Also bad boy groups like bikie gangs and street gangs have real elaborate hand clinches. But for me simple Bro Shake is all I need. 

“Fancy Handshakes”

There is a brotherly hand shake, which is widely used around the globe in all boys clubs and bromances. The hand gesture is mainly used with close mates. When I started my job 17 years ago, the handshake before a shift was not common amongst my peers. Growing up and working in New Zealand we would meet with a bro shake and leave with a bro shake, with work mates, rugby mates and best mates. Not saying I started a trend, but I started shaking hands with work colleague’s at the start and end of shifts, which caught on like the plague and has continued to this present day. We’ve progressed from traditional handshake to the bro shake, my work homeboys and I are a pretty tight knit group now. So the trusty handshake brings people together.

“Bro Shake”

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