My Bestest Buddies

Being a parent of six children which range from 24 years old to 2 years old, you would think I understand children. The answer is No.  I am still learning, discovering new things about all of my kids.  I don’t have alot of money, the one thing I do have is time.  When I’m not working we are hanging out.

 my oldest and my youngest.

I have a couple of old mates and a heap of work buddies.  On occasion I will head out for a beer, but otherwise my sons are my bff’s. When I’m cooking dinner, while having a stubbie my sons will explain how their day went, or tell me all about their training sessions.  They’ll come to me and say dad need .5 fade, so I turn into the local barber.  When I’m cutting their hair I’m also counseling them. We play fight, wrestle and we have heart to heart discussions.  At night we are usually challenging each other on the Xbox or having debates about world issues and most times it’s just about crap, but i’m happy even if it is crap chatter.  Sometimes we’ve woken my wife with our loud debates, and she’s not impressed.  So everyday I am learning from them and they from me.

I’m so glad I can connect with my children on so many different levels.  I try to keep all my opinions and views positive. They do come up with problems and situations, that we work through together. The one thing my wife and I have discussed and implemented from the birth is to create great memories. I hope for them we have done it.

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