Me & my son’s journey home…

It was 5am Saturday morning, the sun was just starting to appear. I had just finished nightshift, I was on my way to pick my son from work. He’s a 21 year old Bartender at the Casino. My son jumps in the car, we start our hour long journey home. The mood in the car was a little awkward, because I felt I had to get something off my chest. We both start our conversations with the routine words like “how was your night, busy”. Then I start with “Son you know that I love you aye”. He replies “yeah I know dad”. I’m feeling butterflies in my tummy as I say my next piece “You know son I don’t care what your into, with your sexuality and being gay I still love you. Don’t worry about what anybody say’s or thinks, me, mum your brothers and sister will love you and protect you.” He replies “Yes dad”. I look across at him and tears streaming down his face, my heart breaks a little as the water works start running down my cheeks. I know he’s been wanting off load this to us for so long. The tense awkward air in the car is now filled with positive energy and love. My wife and I have known since he was young boy that he was gay. We promised to wait till hes ready to tell us. I cheated abit, by letting my son know my feelings. My son was really happy and the expression on his face said thanks dad. We chatted like old pals on the way home like nothing had happened. Life was good again.

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